One of the questions we receive a lot is “How do I apply for a Dominica passport?” And “What are the steps to obtain a Dominica passport?”, We will present these steps to you with the following lines ..

1-  Talk to your certified consultants.
Our consultants will assess your personal circumstances and help you determine the investment options that are best for you, and match the criteria required to ensure the success of the application.

Who is Eligible: The applicant can include the entire family in the application: husband / wife, children (including children up to 30 years old), as well as dependent parents over the age of 55, and the applicant must have a clean and source criminal record Legal for funds.

2- Choose the best investment program.
You can obtain Dominica citizenship by investing in two options, either by donating up to 100,000 $ to the government or by purchasing real estate on the island starting from 200,000 $.

Option 1: 100,000 $ – Donate to the government fund.
Contribution to the Economic diversification fund (EDF) which is not refundable.

Option 2: 200,000 $ – investment in government-approved real estate.
Investment period – 3 years.

3- Collecting documents
Experienced citizenship counselors will collect and examine all documents to ensure compliance and ensure that all requirements are met.

4- Submit your application
Once the original documents are collected and sent to us, our team will review your file and prepare it for submission, as the complete file will be submitted to the Government of Dominica through an authorized local agent as required by law.

5- Processing your application
Every application is examined by the government through a comprehensive due diligence examination during which the information provided is examined and verified.

6- Get approval
Once the application is reviewed by the government and the decision is taken, it will send the applicant a letter stating the decision. This message will be sent to you.

7- Complete the investment
Once your application is approved, you will be asked to transfer the final amount under your chosen option (non-refundable contribution or purchase price of the property) to Dominica.

8- Dominica passport within 4-6 months
Upon completion of the investment, your citizenship certificate will be issued, and the passport application will be submitted on your behalf. There will be no need to visit Dominica at this point and your passport will be sent to your preferred address.

In a few steps, we provided you with a way to apply and obtain a Dominica passport. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via:
WhatsApp: 00971585008888
Phone: 00971045687777

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