There are many countries that offer programs to obtain their citizenship by investment, and the idea of obtaining a second passport has spread widely in recent times for many reasons. Many businessmen whose nature of their work requires travel a lot are looking for a second passport in order to travel freely and ensure their workflow, and there are many families who accept to buy a second passport because of wars and frightening political and economic conditions.

Two Caribbean islands have been ranked as tow of the cheapest programs for obtaining second citizenship for 2020, namely:

1- St Kitts and Nevis
St Kitts and Nevis program was established in 1984 and are one of the longest-running investment programs. Previously the passport would grant visa-free access to Canada, but this has stopped since 2014, however, the passport remains attractive as it provides visa-free access to Russia. The program provides two options of either a donation of $150,000 or the purchase of select real estate starting from $200,000. Fast track citizenship which just takes 45 days is also available to those who can provide a valid reason as to why it’s needed.

2- Grenada
The Grenada passport is the only Caribbean program that is apart of an E-2 treaty that provides those who hold a passport a simplified procedure to live part-time in the US as a business owner. The passport also provides visa-free access to China and Russia. To gain citizenship in Grenada in 2020 a donation of $150,000 is required or $200,000 for a married couple.

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