For many people investing in a secondary passport from a Caribbean island presents an array of incredible opportunities. For parents, the opportunity to provide your family with a secondary holiday home in a safe community is a priority. For business professionals, the freedom to travel visa free to key business hubs such as Singapore the UK and more is an incredible liberty.

Here are some of the top 5 Reasons why Karibi’s clients are enjoying their secondary Citizenship.

1. Gain Visa Free Access to Over a Hundred Countries

For individuals who travel often or are looking to embark on new opportunities, investing in a secondary passport can provide visa free access to countries that would have otherwise required lengthy visa application processes, wait times, and no guaranteed access.

2. Great Government Incentives for Personal and National Gain

Joining Citizenship by Investment Programs from Caribbean Islands can provide many benefits for both the individual who invests, their families, and the country that they are investing in. Many island citizenship by investment programs allow investors access to all of the benefits that natural born citizens would receive, including owning property. This also aids the nation being invested in, as these funds go towards emergency relief, provides jobs for locals, and creates international exposure for the island.

3. Established Expat Communities

The Caribbean is known for it’s friendly people, beautiful weather and slower pace of life. Those interested in gaining a secondary citizenship there can also benefit from having a booming community who share their cultural backgrounds. This is great for families looking to preserve their cultures and frequent travellers looking to socialize.

4. Business Centered Tax Options

Many ultra-high net worth business professionals are taking advantage of business benefits from Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs. Secondary citizenship investors often qualify for significant tax breaks such as exemption from income tax, property, inheritance and gifts. There are many business centred foreign tax policies allowing business professionals to keep their profits.

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