One of the most frequently asked questions: How To Apply For A Second Passport? How to begin the process of applying for a second citizenship?

The procedures for obtaining a second citizenship or a second passport is generally summarized as follows:

1- Visit Karibi Offices
At this step we receive the client in our offices and take the basic information from him such as:

– Will the application be submitted individually or with a family.

– The number of family members and the age of each member in case of applying to the family.

– Nationality.

– The current place of residence / If he has a residence in other countries.

– The source of income (whether job or self-employment).

– Bank accounts (Is his account in the movement and what is the balance in it).

– The type of program to be chosen by the client.

2- Offer The Prices
After taking the basic information from the client and determining the type of program, we provide the full price of the program to him, and when we got approval we move to the step of collection of documents.

3- Collecting The Documents.

4- File Review
The file containing the complete documents is reviewed by our team, and contacting the client in case of any remarks and modify them to reach a complete file.

5- First Payment
Part of the amount is paid in order to ensure the applicant’s credibility.

6- Translation The Documents
All papers and documents must be submitted in English only, and will be translated by our competent team.

7- Authentication All Papers
All copies (non-original) shall be sent to a certified attorney for approval.

8- Sending The File To The Government
Karibi team will submit the file to the government and follow up with them and the client in case of any observations.

9- Acceptance Step
Acceptance from the government will be sent to our team, and the client is communicated to pay the second installment and send it back to the government.

10- Issuing The Citizenship Certificate
The citizenship certificate will be issued by the government after six weeks from paying the second installment and it will be sent it to our team for confirmation. After two weeks, the original passport will be issued from Dominica and sent to the office of the caribbean islands, and inform the client to receive it.

If you have any questions about how to applying for a second passport, you can contact us directly via:
WhatsApp: 00971585008888
Phone: 00971045687777

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