Many people resort to the search for buying cheap citizenship for many reasons, the most important of which is to find a quick solution to movement between countries for businessmen whose business requires their travel a lot, and there are others who search for a second citizenship to get out of their countries of origin that suffer from economic or political problems.

You can obtain a second citizenship in three ways:
– How to get citizenship through your family tree (it’s cheap, but only if you’re lucky).
– Getting citizenship by moving to another country and waiting.
– Getting citizenship through marriage.

If, however, you are in a hurry to get a second passport and are willing to pay the costs to obtain “citizenship by investment”, here are some of the cheapest citizenships available.

1- Comoros:
Comoros provides the cheapest way to obtain a second passport, with some flaws. For example, the Comoros passport provides visa-free travel to about 45 countries but most of them are in Africa, Asia and Central America and do not allow entry to European countries without a visa. This means that Comoros citizenship is not an option Good for giving up your original citizenship. Comoros passports cost only $ 45,000 per adult.

2- Dominica:
Dominica is still the most popular place to buy her passport in the world, with options available for less than $ 100,000 in addition to government and legal fees.
Attention must be paid not to confuse it with the Dominican Republic. Dominica is an island in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.
There are approximately 75,000 people living in Dominica, and the non-refundable donation of $ 100 to one applicant is supposed to go to promoting tourism and building public works projects, and with legal and government fees one applicant should expect to spend about $ 175,000 to obtain a citizenship Dominica, while a couple with children should expect to spend nearly $ 300,000.

3- Antigua and Barbuda:
Antigua recently offered a “clearance special” on its donation-based citizenship option, reducing the required non-refundable fee to only $200,000 for single or family applicants. Each person requires a separate due diligence fee, meaning a single applicant would spend close to $300,000, slightly less than the longer-running St. Kitts and Nevis program.

Antigua recently established its second citizenship program to help fund the government. If you’re willing to invest substantially more, you can purchase real estate or invest in a local business. Antigua’s passport offers visa-free travel to Europe, much of the Americas and other developed countries.

4- Saint Kitts and Nevis:
If you want to live in St. Kitts and Nevis tax-free, you can make a donation of $ 250,000 to the state sugar fund and obtain a passport in several months, in addition to legal fees. You are expected to spend $ 300,000 for one person or $ 400,000 for a couple, which is much cheaper than buying real estate “Approved” to qualify.
At the moment Saint Kitts and Nevis passport is the cheapest and second most reliable passport with easy travel to Europe.

5- Saint Lucia:
Anyone can apply for citizenship from this island country, and it costs $ 100,000 to donate to one applicant, and if you are with your wife the total fee is $ 165,000 and a family with up to 3 dependents (spouses and two children) rises to $ 190,000 American.

6- Russia:
Although Russia does not have the option to grant citizenship directly through the investment program, you can pay enough taxes within a short period of time and obtain citizenship as a result.
A Russian passport can be obtained once you start a business or invest in it by paying nearly $ 70,000 in taxes over three years, meaning that businessmen can obtain Russian citizenship with the least trouble possible.

We have provided you with 6 countries that can help you and give you a second passport, which is among the cheapest second citizenship on the globe.

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