As discussed in our previous article, obtaining citizenship through investment is one of the best ways to obtain a second passport, because its procedures are legal, safe and quick compared to other transactions. Many people think that this option is suitable only for wealthy individuals and families, but in fact some countries offer their nationalities at very attractive prices.

For example, many Caribbean countries offer this program officially, and give you a passport starting at $ 100,000, which is not expensive for other countries, and is the Cheapest second passport to buy.

When an individual looking for a second citizenship, he will search for a list of countries that are considered the easiest to buy, and will also look for the cheapest passport to buy around the world.

Therefore, let us introduce a list of the cheapest second passport to buy:

1- Saint Lucia
In order to get citizenship from the Saint Lucia, you will need to spend at least $ 100,000, where you can choose to donate $ 100,000 to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund, the cheapest passport you can buy but this is not the only option to obtain citizenship from this country, You can also buy real estate with government approval starting at $ 300,000.
If you want to spend more money, you have another option to invest $ 3.5 million in an approved project.

2- Dominica
Another country that allows you to buy her passport at an attractive price is Dominica for 100.000 $, this passport will open the door for you to travel more than 110 countries and get a free visa.
Other options for obtaining citizenship from Dominica include donating100.000$( 200.000$ if the family consists of four members) to the National Transformation Fund, or buying a real estate worth at least 200.000$.

3- Grenada
If you want to buy a Grenada passport, you should know that prices start from 150.000 $ per person (200.000$ per couple) and paid to the Grenada National Transformation Fund.
Another option to obtain a Grenada passport is buy real estate, in which case you need to spend at least 350.000$ on real estate.

4- Saint Kitts and Nevis
This country’s passport gives you free access to Europe, which is great.
In order to obtain a passport from Saint Kitts and Nevis, you will need to donate150.000$ to the country if you are alone (195.000 with two other family members and an additional 10.000 for each additional dependent).
Or to buy approved real estate worth at least 400.000$ and keep it for five years.

5- Antigua and Barbuda
If you want to obtain passport of Antigua and Barbuda you can do it for as low as 100.000$ investment. The primary applicant may include spouse, dependent children and dependent parents over 65 years of age within the application with no additional contribution, which makes it very affordable for families.
Another option is to buy real estate for at least 400.000$ and of course the priciest option is to invest at least 1.5M $ in business. Holders of the Antigua and Barbuda passport enjoy visa free travel to approximately 132 countries, including the U.K. and the countries of the Schengen area.

The cheapest passport to obtain is one of the passports mentioned previously, and is very suitable for businessmen where investors in second citizenship often qualify for significant tax deductions such as income tax exemption, property, estate and donations.

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