Dominica's Citizenship Program: Key Updates for 2024

The Citizenship by Investment Unit in Dominica (CBIU) has announced significant changes concerning investors and applicants for 2024. This article outlines the critical updates made to the program:

1. Halting new applications for Dominica Citizenship for Yemenis:
Temporary Suspension of Applications from Yemeni Citizens Starting January 19, 2024, the Dominican government has suspended accepting all new applications from Yemeni citizens. Alternatively, Yemeni applicants can explore citizenship programs in Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, or Grenada, where they can enjoy similar benefits and advantages.

You can read the full details of the decision here: Dominica Halts Acceptance of Citizenship Applications from Yemenis.

These updates are in addition to the previously announced banned countries, including:

  • Northern Iraq: All citizens from Northern Iraq, including those in the Kurdish region (areas: Erbil, Amedi, Dahuk, Kirkuk, Lalish, Raniya, Soran, Sulaymaniyah, and Zakho).
  • North Korea and Sudan: Unless applicants meet specific criteria, such as not residing in these countries for at least ten years, having no substantial assets there, and not engaging in any commercial or similar activity, wholly or partially, in or with these countries.
  • Russia and Belarus: No new applications will be accepted from Russian and Belarusian citizens.
  • Kurdistan: It is noteworthy that no new applications are currently accepted from the Kurdistan Region.


2. Visa Requirement for Dominican Citizens Traveling to Turkey
Recently, Dominican citizens now need a visa to travel to Turkey. These changes reflect updates in travel regulations between the two countries.

3. Expanded Travel Options for Dominican Citizens
New travel opportunities have opened up for Dominican citizens, allowing them to travel to Argentina without a visa. Additionally, the option of a visa on arrival has been added for travel to Vietnam.


These improvements have increased the number of Dominican passport holders visiting visa-free countries, totaling 133 countries. This positive development has also elevated the global ranking of the Dominican passport to 34th place among world countries. You can stay informed about updates to Dominica’s passport and the countries that allow visa-free travel here: Dominica Passport Ranking.

For more information or to request a detailed free consultation on programs and updates, please contact us at Karibi Consultants. We are here to assist you in understanding the available options and making optimal decisions on your journey toward obtaining a second citizenship.

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