Why you should consider Second Citizenship?

In 2018, it is now possible to acquire second citizenship from many countries. However, the question remains; why do people consider second citizenship?

Let’s explore the,
Five Reasons to Consider Second Citizenship:

1. Freedom of movement
The main reason people think about second citizenship is freedom.
Freedom to:
– Education for all your children.
– Equal rights apart from sex or race.
– clean environment.
– Safe environment.
– Jobs.
– Ability to travel.
– Freedom of expression and self-expression.

2- Easy travel
It is said that travel broadens the mind. This statement is true and you can apply if your passport gives you travel as you wish?

Take a look at your passport and check if you can freely visit the countries you choose.

The vast majority of people who do not have easy access to the majority of countries must apply for a visa every time they travel.

Apply for a visa:
– Take time.
– Expensive.
– Not guaranteed.

Therefore, applying for a second citizenship will open many doors for you to enter many countries without a visa, usually some second passports allow entry to more than 180 countries, including many European countries.

3- Political stability
All the people on the planet dream of living in a politically stable and secure country in all respects.

If you are in a politically unstable, economically unstable country and a neighboring country at war, you will begin to worry about yourself, your family and their future.

Therefore, the second nationality is the solution in such a situation, when you get a second passport you and your family will be able to travel and move freely and secure the future of your children and education, and you can work and invest freely.

4- Economic stability
Some countries are stable, predicting the future of their economy, and quite the opposite. There are countries that are unstable and whose economy is always volatile.

Businessmen are scared for the future of their companies, so they essentially want to have their master holding company in a jurisdiction which gives them protection. A jurisdiction with defined and clear rights with adequate laws and transparency of the judicial process if something goes wrong.

If you decide that you want to have a holding company either for your business or assets, it helps you if you are a resident or a national of that country, being a citizen of that country, your company is recognized by law.

5- Safe environment
In many countries that lack security, if you stop at a traffic light you may end up with a gun on your head.

If you stay in the wrong place you will be in trouble! You may be in good shape but you will always be concerned about being attacked, abducted or blackmailed, as you are in constant and unstable danger.

One of the things people look for when they have wars is the possibility of moving their families to a safe environment away from worrying about what will happen to them when they leave the house.

Therefore, with second citizenship or permanent residence you will have the freedom to move to safer countries.

In the previous lines, we have given you five clear reasons why you will be granted second citizenship. If you want to know more about second citizenship and how to get it, you can reach out Karibi team at:

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