Citizenship has become one of the most pressing needs for investors, as the nature of their work and lifestyle requires constant travel to different countries, which makes them always in a need of a passport that gives them the freedom to enter all the countries without a prior visa.

Therefore, many investors are fully willing to pay for investment in order to obtain citizenship and a second passport that enables them to enter most countries of the world with ease and ease.

Over time, more and more countries are willing to open up opportunities for investors to take advantage of residency rights and obtain their own passports.

The Caribbean countries are among the countries that offer their investors with citizenship and second passport many advantages, including “St. Kitts and Nevis”, which gives investors access to more than 158 countries around the world without a visa and gives investors different options to obtain second citizenship by investment and is one of the cheapest nationalities to obtain through investment.

Dominica is also one of the Caribbean countries that attract investors for its second passport and second nationality, based on its diverse economic advantages and investment options.

They are also joined by Vanuatu-  Antigua, and Barbuda  –  Grenada. Despite the high cost of obtaining a second nationality for these countries, many experts in the field and consultants also at “Karibi Immigration Services” expect to increase the numbers of investors wishing to obtain second citizenship by the beginning of 2021.

It is also expected that the options available for investment programs for citizenship will be increased and competition among companies offering second nationality services increases.

Karibi has achieved many successes and achievements in 2020, with more than 500 passports delivered and more than 200 transactions completed.
The success rate and acceptance of transactions was more than 90%, which increased the confidence of our customers wishing to obtain the second nationality and second passport of the Caribbean countries available to us.

We now look forward to the beginning of 2021 by offering various citizenship and passport programs and facilitating the procedures and documents required to apply to as many investors as possible.

Learn more about the benefits available for second citizenship and second passport by contacting Karibi Immigration Services, which is your trustworthy partner for second citizenship and second passport by investment, we are a legally certified agent of the Governments of Caribbean countries available for our programs and help individuals and families get their second passport, we are committed in our work to fully comply with government laws, and we place your needs as the most important priorities, as well as our smooth and transparent operations in secret.


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