In addition to being known as a great tourist destination, Saint Lucia is famous for being an award winning investment destination, as it was considered as the best Caribbean country to invest in 2018 by the European Business Journal, and it also received the AIM Award as the best investment destination within the Latin American and Caribbean countries for 2018, In spite of the financial economic crisis that the world witnessed, the economic system in Saint Lucia remained one of the most stable systems in the world, due to the role of the Saint Lucia government in developing the investment and political environment by issuing laws and initiatives that transformed the world. The country’s economy extends solely on agriculture, to many sectors and becomes the most diversified economic system in the Caribbean.

During the previous years, Saint Lucia strengthened its global reputation in maintaining foreign investment, and attracted many international brands in various economic sectors of the island, which led to the development of the business climate and made it better than ever.

Among the most important investment sectors in the state of Saint Lucia is the tourism sector, where Saint Lucia has become one of the best tourist destinations around the world and has been considered as the best honeymoon destination for new married people more than 12 ten times since 1997, and many high-end projects in the tourism sector have transformed Saint Lucia As an exclusive destination for many visitors and investors from all over the world.

Another sector that the Saint Lucia government is currently developing is the industrial sector, where St. Lucia’s strategic location has led to the provision of manpower to help cover many different industrial fields, such as agricultural manufacturing, textile manufacturing, electronic assembly, beverage fermentation, and the manufacture of carbon-fiber fast boats in addition to innovations in Green technology.

Saint Lucia’s tax law provides many incentives for companies and individuals such as the absence of a tax on capital gains, in addition to not imposing a tax on companies or on income from anywhere in the world outside Saint Lucia, and Saint Lucia does not impose a tax on real estate or inheritance.

For companies and the business sector, Saint Lucia provides advantages to facilitate the conduct of company business in the country, such as confidentiality in company registration, simplicity of establishing companies and registering them without a minimum investment value, low annual government fees, in addition to the absence of oversight over currency or capital trading.

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