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Why a second passport?

Visa-Free Travel

All of our programs will enable you to travel to at least one hundred and twenty plus countries, completely visa-free. This is naturally one of the main beneficial aspects of a legitimate citizenship by investment program. The world can be at you and your family’s feet in a matter of months.

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No Requirement For Residency

Our citizenship by investment programs enable the ability to invest in the country and acquire a second passport without the need for residency phase first. In most cases this proves convenient in the sense that one can gain international mobility without the need of renouncing their current nationality.

Value Creation via Return On Investment

Not only will these investments ensure a premium global status as a citizen and increase your standard of living, they will also carry a high yield return on investment as a potential bonus. Making these programs extremely valuable for any individual or family that may be interested in a new start or a second citizenship.

Tax and Business Strategy Advantage

Secondary citizenship investors often qualify for significant tax breaks such as exemption from income tax, property, inheritance and gifts. There are many business centered foreign tax policies allowing business professionals to keep their profits.

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Expanding your borders across the globe!

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