Today’s modern passports have special protective features that make them difficult to counterfeit,and the presence of electronic passports also made it difficult for counterfeiters to copy passports. However, the fake passports that may be offered to you in the market at attractive prices.

Fake companies abounded today, which promote second passport at the lowest prices and the fastest time possible. many high-income individuals or people seeking safe haven are far from the scourge of war they fall victim.

But how can we discover them or protect ourselves from falling victim?

1- Citizenship Certificate
Upon handing your second passport, your agent for citizenship must hand you a nationality certificate with the new one, as this document proves the authenticity of the passport issued by the government as proof that the person obtained the second citizenship through investment in addition to his basic nationality.

2- Not discovering the Fraud does not protect you
Remember that your ignorance of the truth or not knowing that you have a fake passport does not protect you from legal penalties, so if you have a fake passport you will be legally pursued, and you will be arrested if the government finds that you have a fake passport.

3- An authorized agent has a commercial license
Any licensed company or authorized agent providing citizenship by investment programs must have a commercial license and an actual existing office at a specific address.

4- The process should take some time
Some fake companies should not tempt you that they will hand you second passport quickly, Security procedures must be applied when applying for citizenship before handing a passport, for this reason, it is not uncommon to find someone offering you a passport overnight.

5- Don’t fall victim to the Price!
If someone offers you a passport at a much lower price than usual, then this is another risk indicator, and you should be aware that there are a few legal ways to obtain a passport: either through investment or through residency for a certain period or naturalization through marriage, all these choices will take time.

6- Important advice
Do not accept any corrupt, deformed or corrupted documents.
Expired documents are not accepted, they are unacceptable and illegal
If there is any doubt, consult an authorized dealer or local authority.

Karibi is a licensed and trusted company in the United Arab Emirates and each of the Caribbean islands, and it has a record of achievements, it is obtained the second citizenship of hundreds of families and we can provide you with their own numbers to communicate with them personally.

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