How can get a second passport quickly? How can get a second passport as quickly as possible without any time constraints? Here’s the answer with the following lines..

There are many ways to get a second passport, some of which are very fast and some that take a lot of time, let us in this article to learn the fastest ways to obtain a second passport:

1- Investment
If you want your second passport quickly, You can speed up this process and save a lot of time if you have plenty of money to invest.You can find most of the second citizenship programs by investment and high quality in the Caribbean islands (prices start in Dominica from $ 100,000) and in Europe (specifically Malta exceeds one million dollars). However, if you are looking for the fastest way to get a second passport (and have the money to invest) the citizenship by investing can be your best option.

2- Descent
If the price of the second citizenship by investing is a little expensive for you, you can also get a second passport quickly through your parents or grandparents.This process is called citizenship by descent and usually takes less than six months.

However, you will see that most of the countries that offer it have a big bureaucracy,and you will get your passport within a year or two, because you will need extra time searching on the family archives or documents to get the evidence you need to be eligible for citizenship by descent. The majority of these programs are in the EU and you can get citizenship in an inexpensive way if you have European ancestry.

3- Marriage
If you’re lucky enough you’ll fall in love with someone with a strong passport,and you can be a naturalized citizen in him country of origin if you marry him.
After a short period, foreign spouses often qualify for naturalization, although there are sometimes language requirements.
However, you must be careful because marriage under false pretexts is classified as immigration fraud.

4- Exceptional reasons
If you have exceptional artistic talent or sport, or have enough money ready to invest, some countries waive naturalization requirements (including language requirements) and grant citizenship or second passport directly without any restrictions or waiting.

We’ve provided you with the fastest ways to get a second passport. To obtain sufficient information about obtaining second citizenship by investment, you can communicate with karibi expert directly through:

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