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Saint Lucia citizenship: Features and Procedures in Detail

February 23, 2021

St. Lucia’s citizenship by investment is one of the most powerful fast-track citizenship programs, although it is the latest among the second Nationality Programs from the Caribbean, which was launched in 2015.

Before talking more about acquiring St. Lucia’s citizenship, some general information about this country is that Saint Lucia is a volcanic island in the Caribbean in the Atlantic Ocean, with many volcanic beaches, and it also has many luxury resorts, fishing grounds, and a tropical climate throughout the year.

The official language of Saint Lucia is English, yet 95% of the country’s population speaks French Creole, and it is important to note that Saint Lucia is a member of the Confederation of the British Commonwealth States and the United Nations.

Why do you have to choose the nationality of Saint Lucia?

The nationality of Saint Lucia has many advantages that will certainly drive you to seek her passport, one of the advantages of St. Lucia’s citizenship:

1- Ease and simplicity of procedures

The ease of obtaining St. Lucia’s citizenship procedures lies in the following points:

  1. Payment of investment dues after taking approval to grant citizenship.
  2. Do not renounce the original nationality.
  3. There is no need to stay in Saint Lucia to obtain her nationality.
  4. No need for an interview or language test.
  5. International Travel advantages
  6. The St. Lucia passport allows you to travel to 146 countries, including the Uk and The British Commonwealth, without the need for a visa.
  7. Allow you to stay in Saint Lucia and other Caribbean countries at any time and time that suits you.
  8. Allow you to stay in the UK for 6 months on each visit.

3- Protecting wealth and tax advantages.

  1. There is no tax on capital gains, wealth, donations, or inheritance, and there is no tax on non-residents on the territory of Saint Lucia.
  2. Establish reliable bank accounts around the world using the St. Lucia passport.
  3. There are no restrictions on the re-export of capital and profits.



Procedures for obtaining a St. Lucia passport

1- Visit Karibi office: At this stage, we receive the client in our offices and take basic information from him such as:

  • Will you submit an individual application or with a family?
  • The number of family members and the age of each individual in the event of an application for the family.
  • Nationality.
  • Current accommodation/if it has a residence in other countries.
  • Source of income (whether from a job or a freelance).
  • Bank accounts (is his account in motion and what balance is in it).
  • Determine what type of program the customer will choose.

2- Offering the price to the customer:

After the stage of taking the basic information from the customer and determining the type of program, we provide the price of the program in full to the customer, and if the approval is taken from it, we move to the stage of compiling documents.

3- The stage of compiling documents. (Sent in a separate file).

4- Review the file:

The file containing the full documents is reviewed by our competent team and communicate with the client in case of any notes and modify them to reach a full file.

5- Payment of the first installment of the investment amount:

part of the amount is paid to ensure the seriousness and credibility of the applicant, and the amount is determined by the type of investment and the state, and the number of individuals and ages of the client’s family.

6- Translation of documents:

All papers and documents must be submitted in English language only and are fully translated by our team.

7- Authenticating papers:

All (non-original) copies are sent to a certified and specialized lawyer who authenticates them.

8- Handing over the file to the government:

Our team will hand over the file to the government and follow up with the government and the client in case of any observations.

9- Admission stage:

The confirmation is sent by the government to our team, and the client is contacted to pay the second installment and send it to the government.

10- Issuing the citizenship certificate:

The citizenship certificate (CON) is issued by the government after the payment of the second installment within about six weeks and is sent to a Caribbean team to confirm it, and about two weeks after that the original passport is issued from Saint Lucia and sent to the Caribbean office, and the customer is contacted to receive it.

We have provided you with comprehensive information about the Nationality of Saint Lucia, how to obtain her passport, procedures, and features, in case you have any questions you can contact us directly via:

WhatsApp: 00971555008888

Tel: 009710455687777


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