The restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic have reduced travel options for most of the world’s population, but for families who are looking for investment opportunities and a better living chance, the situation is different.

Second citizenship by investment programs is now considered to be a growing industry, as for the second citizenship by investment programs, also known as “golden visas”.

Over the past, five to ten years, the primary drivers among the participants at the second citizenship by investment programs, whose net worth range from $ 2 million to more than $ 50 million dollars, have been freedom of movement, tax benefits, and lifestyle factors, such as Better education. or civil liberties.

But due to the impact of “Covid-19” on the course of 2020, families are looking and seeking for more benefits, health care, responses to epidemics, and potential safe havens to ensure a backup emergency plan for the future.

Although many believe that the Corona pandemic has caused a decline in investment ratios and the global economy, and a loss of many industries and companies, but the situation was not the same for citizenship by investment programs, as this pandemic was able to increase the number of those wishing to obtain a second citizenship.

And according to the relatively inexpensive second citizenship by investment programs that small island states in the Caribbean provide, and greater freedom of travel.

The “Karibi Second Citizenship” company has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of its customers by up to 75% to obtain citizenship and a second passport for the Caribbean countries.

The company also recorded a significant increase in the number of those wishing to know more about the citizenship programs available to us from the start of the pandemic until the present time in September 2020.

The program that witnessed the most turnout among the citizenship available programs to us was Saint Kitts and Nevis program, where the number of requests for citizenship and passports for this country increased as it is one of the strongest programs in terms of the number of countries that can be entered without a visa, which reaches to 150+ country around the world and its passport is one of the most powerful Caribbean city passports in terms of classification.

There is also a high demand for second citizenship programs in Dominica and Vanuatu, but for another reason, the citizenship process is.

Many assert that some wealthy travelers are simply looking for a remote haven, where they can move away with their families in the event of another outbreak.

Second citizenship programs offer a major investment in the country’s economy, usually in the form of real estate, job creation, or infrastructure development.


What is Karibi?

Karibi is your trustworthy partner for obtaining citizenship by investment, we are a legally authorized agent that helps individuals and families obtain their second passport, and we are committed in our work to fully comply with government laws, and put your needs as one of the most important priorities, and our operations are characterized by smooth and transparent, secretly.


If you are looking to obtain a second citizenship by investment from a Caribbean country, all you need to do is contact a member of the Caribbean team specialized via:

WhatsApp: 00971585008888

Phone: 00971045687777



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