Many people believe that obtaining state residency means that they also have second citizenship in this country, but this belief is wrong, there is a big difference between obtaining residence and second nationality, and both have different conditions and requirements for application than each other.

So what are the differences between residence and second citizenship?

Accommodation is nearly a travel permit that allows the holder to enter and residence in the country where he has obtained permission to reside, but this is for a limited time with the possibility of renewing it in accordance with the policy of the state granting the residence permit as there are some countries that give you the right to reside there for up to years.

The second citizenship makes you a citizen of the country enjoying all the rights and privileges granted to the indigenous citizens of the country, which is most important is that you get the second passport that enables you to travel and enter without the need for residence permit for more than 156+ countries around the world.

In addition to the possibility of working, studying, obtaining full health care and tax relief on your income.

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