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Second Nationality And Businessmen

September 10, 2020

The interest of money and wealth owners has become more directed at spending exorbitant amounts only to obtain second passports in countries other than their home country to secure their future of work and facilitate movement between different countries.
According to the latest cs-GLOBAL PARTNER survey, 89% of people seeking second citizenship tried to obtain other passports, and 35% of them have tried getting it through investment.
Therefore, second citizenship programs through investment are one of the easiest and fastest ways to extract the second nationality where they can return the money invested if the type of investment is a real estate investment.
Having a second passport is very important for businessmen and money owners because it serves as an important symbol for them to demonstrate the high level and status and also facilitates the movement of their travel between different countries.
The fundamental difference between “investment” and “long-term stay” programs is also permanent and has no specific date for completion.
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