St lucia citizenship has become an increasingly attractive choice. The Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program of Saint Lucia allows people and their families to receive citizenship in return for making an economic contribution to the nation. St. Lucia’s tropical advantages and visa-free access to over 130 countries are compelling arguments for obtaining a second passport and relocating to this lovely island.

This guide will offer you all the information about saint Lucia citizenship by investment program.


St lucia citizenship by investment 

st lucia citizenship by investment program provides people with the unique opportunity to earn citizenship by investing in the country, often via real estate or government contributions. St. Lucia’s economic citizenship program is the newest and one of the most popular methods to receive a second passport. Its unspoiled landscapes, mild temperature, and world-class beaches make it one of the most desirable places to earn a second passport. You may get a Saint Lucia passport by investing in real estate, the National Economic Fund, a government bond, or a business.


Saint Lucia passport via investment benefits

There are several reasons to seek st lucia CBI. From its thriving commerce and tourist industries to its paradisiacal beaches and secluded lifestyle, the investment program’s distinctive features include:

  1. Rapid application procedure: One of the quickest response times from the application submission date. Your application will be completed within three months.
  2. The whole household is eligible: Including the spouse, the children, the parents, and the grandparents.
  3. The least expensive second passport is the Saint Lucia passport, which may be acquired for a minimum cost of $100,000. However, St. Lucia’s passport ranks 32nd in terms of freedom to travel.
  4. Expenditure needed just after approval: Complete investing after gaining citizenship application approval.
  5. Flexible requirements: No residency or visiting restrictions. In addition, no interview, education, or management experience is required.
  6. Visa-free travel: Saint Lucia’s passport strength is indisputable. Enjoy visa-free travel from Saint Lucia to over 140 countries, including the Schengen zone, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.
  7. The absence of taxes on capital, wealth, and inheritance.

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st lucia citizenship by investment 

To gain Saint Lucia’s second citizenship, it is necessary to fulfill several St. Lucia citizenship criteria.


The applicant must:

  • The candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • Make the necessary investment and give precise information and proof of the investment.
  • Have an exceptional character.
  • Enjoy exceptional health.
  • Hold no criminal record.
  • Pass a thorough background investigation.
  • Pay the applicable non-refundable processing, due diligence, and administrative costs on the application.

A significant advantage of Saint Lucia citizenship by investment is that the applicant’s family members are also eligible for St. Lucia citizenship.


The following relatives apply:

  • Spouse
  • Inclusion of minors younger than 21
  • Include dependent children between the ages of 18 and 30
  • Inclusion of dependent mentally or physically disabled children and parents.
  • Inclusion of parents and grandparents 55 years of age or older
  • Include siblings of the principal applicant if they are under 18, unmarried, and have parental or guardian permission to apply for citizenship by investment.


Saint Lucia CBI options:

When contemplating saint lucia citizenship by investment program, there are four investment choices available:

Funding National Economic

The Saint Lucia National Economic Fund (NEF) is a government-established special fund that accepts cash donations for supporting government-sponsored initiatives.

Upon approval of a citizenship-by-investment application through the NEF method, the following minimum investment is required:

Additional costs apply for processing, due diligence, and administration.


Prioritized property investment

Applicants interested in Saint Lucia real estate have two alternatives accessible to them.

Option 1: Invest a minimum of $300,000 in high-end branded hotels and resorts that have been pre-approved.

Option 2: Invest $300,000 or more in a boutique property.

Prerequisite for investment: To invest in an authorized real estate project, the applicant must complete a legally binding buy and sales agreement. Investments must be put in an authorized escrow account handled by the developer and the Citizenship by Investment Unit in Saint Lucia. *Additional processing, due diligence, and administrative costs apply.


Detailed instructions for the St. Lucia CBI application

Follow these easy procedures to get Saint Lucia citizenship to obtain a passport.

  • Select an Authorized Agent to handle the application. Your Authorized Agent will guide you through all the required documentation and standards for submitting a successful citizenship application.
  • Complete any application forms that your Authorized Agent provides.
  • Ensure that all papers are legalized by the Unit’s criteria (more information on document requirements below). The government evaluates applications and does background checks on every candidate. The Unit accepts your application within sixty to ninety days after submission. A letter will be sent out with specific information on how to invest.
  • Choose your investment preference within sixty days after getting notification from the Unit. Submit evidence of your investment’s acquisition together with the government application costs.
  • Become a citizen. After obtaining proof of payment, the Unit provides a registration certificate for citizenship. Next, the applicant must submit the passport documentation and application. You will subsequently be given St. Lucian citizenship and eligible for a St. Lucian passport.

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St Lucia citizenship program document requirements:

Important information: only registered Authorized Persons may process citizenship applications. In addition, the list of needed papers is incomplete. Therefore, the unit may ask the applicant for further supporting paperwork.

  • General Saint Lucia investment program documentation requirements include an original birth record extract or a certified birth certificate copy.
  • Certified copy of name-change documentation (if applicable).
  • Permanent residence card (if applicable).
  • Card of national identity (if applicable).
  • Certified color copy of current passport(s) with name, picture, citizenship/nationality, issuance date and location, expiration date, passport number, and issuing country.
  • Photographic and signature identification certificate. For minors under 18 or dependents, please provide N/A in the designated signature field.
  • Six genuine passport-sized photographs were taken within the previous six months of each applicant. The face must be neutral. One photograph must be included in the Medical Examiner Declaration.
  • Valid home address documentation within the past three months. Proof of address examples includes a certified copy of a recent utility bill about your address OR a bank statement with your complete name and address.
  • Marriage or divorce certificate.
  • Certificate of military service (if applicable)
  • Affidavit from the husband or former spouse about the children.
  • Affidavit of dependency support.
  • Certificates and transcripts of education.
  • Professional and educational credentials (submit these for children over 18 years old).
  • Professional reference letter (From an attorney, chartered accountant, or another comparable profession) valid within the previous six months immediately before the application submission.
  • Documentation in support of the application
  • Copies of your current and expired visas, authenticated.
  • Police certification from the nation of birth and from each country where you’ve lived for at least one year.
  • If the certificate is more than six months old, it must be reissued.
  • Records of custody or legal guardianship.
  • Statutory declaration of a non-accompanying parent of a qualified dependant under 18 stating that they do not oppose their kid attaining St. Lucian citizenship.
  • A certified copy of a non-accompanying parent’s picture ID containing their signature.


Translation of documents

A certified English translation must accompany documents written in a language other than English at application submission. A certified English translation must accompany documents written in a language other than English at application submission. It must be accurate and true to the original text. In addition, the original document’s text, seals, and signatures must be translated.


Certification of documents

When a document is necessary to support an application for citizenship by investment, it must be certified and authenticated according to the country’s legislation where the document was issued.


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