Overview of the Republic of Turkey

A country of in depth history and culture, theTurkish Republic is located where the three continents of the old world, Asia, Africa and Europe, are closest to each other and straddle the point where Europe and Asia meet. Because of this geographical location, the mainland Anatolia has witnessed the mass migration of diverse peoples, shaping the course of history.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program started back in 2017 with a minimum USD 1,000,000 required investment amount in real estate. In 2018, minimum required amount was reduced to USD 250,000 for real estate- making Turkey’s Citizenship Program the most popular globally w/ 2611 applications in a year.

With great interest from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, China, Pakistan, India, Russia, Yemen, Egypt as well as many other nations around the world; Turkey’s citizenship becomes a top choice with combining a strong passport with liveability, a strong economy and nation, integration to Europe and full diplomatic representation around the globe.

Karibi is among the leader firms to offer help regarding Turkish citizenship program, offering a three-months guaranteed package and working with a strong on-site team in expanding the reach of Turkey’s citizenship program.

Important Advantages of this program

How to Qualify for Turkey Citizenship

Turkey Citizenship by Investment Options

Option 1: Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

Investors choosing the real estate option can obtain a Turkish passport by purchasing one or more pieces of real estate to the value of at least US $250,000. The property must remain with the investor for at least three (3) years during which it can be rented out.
The real estate investment amount is $250,000 for the Turkish Citizenship for the main applicant.

Option 2: Turkey passport Citizenship Through Governmental Investment

It is also possible to obtain a turkey passport by either depositing US $500,000 at a Turkish bank for three (3) years or purchase government bonds to the same value and keep them for (3) three years. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, you can also invest US $500,000 in fixed assets.
Real Estate option
US $250,000
Governmental Investment option
US $500,000
Company Setup option
Create 50 Jobs for Turkish Citizens

Turkey Citizenship Through Job Creation

Entrepreneurs can also secure a turkey passport by setting up a company and creating at least 50 jobs under the guidance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
The applicant must create at least 50 jobs in turkey through the creation of a business.

Citizenship Process

We offer an efficient service to process your application, giving it the attention it deserves to ensure it is given the best possibility of success, allowing you full security for your investment and a second passport for you and your family.

1. Free Consultation
This includes guiding our clients understand for the best investment option to suit their needs, whether by donation or investing in real estate. We learn about our clients, their family members, and their situation before going through the costs involved for the various options. At the end of this stage, we provide a full quotation for your consideration.
2. Free Validation
Once you have agreed on the quotation, we examine and validate all the required documents. Ensuring that the client would not waste time and money before knowing for certain that their application is eligible.
3. Submission of required documents
We then translate and notarise all required documents, and fill in all government forms. Ensuring that they are fully compliant with government requirements and regulations. Then, we prepare a full file for a final submission.
4. Apply for initial approval
At this stage, all the pre-screened documents are sent to the various government agencies for processing. During this time, we follow-up closely with our agencies in Dominica to ensure a timely and speedy process. We keep in touch with our clients for any further goverments clarifications and update the customer on the status.
5. Approvals & Payments
Once the initial approval is secured, a request for funds will be made by the government. When the funds are cleared, we will apply for final citizenship certificate and passport documentations.
6. Congratulations, your passport is now ready.
Once all the approvals are done, and the payment has been completed in full, we will then arrange to securely handover the passport. Congratulations, your second citizenship by immigration is complete. If you need any help in the future, please contact us and we can always help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

A detailed explanation of the steps for applying for citizenship can be found on the About page. However, all the requirements you need to know are listed in the section above. Contact one of our citizenship by investment experts for advice on options you can take advantage of.

Visa-free or visa-free entry to 129 countries and territories including any member state of the European Union and the United Kingdom

No tax is imposed on income, inheritance, wealth, or capital gains

The option to live in a beautiful and calm country

Add your family members within the same application

The applicant must be at least 18 years old

Applicants must possess a clean criminal record.

Proof of source of funds totaling at least $250,000

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