March 14, 2017

St Lucia Becoming Hot Spot for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

The island of St Lucia is a known for its cultural and geographical riches. A picturesque gem located in the East Carribbean. More and more ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals are investing in St Lucia’s citizenship by investment program as they offer many benefits and investment growth opportunities.

As explained by McHale Andrew, Chief Executive Officer, Invest Saint Lucia and current President of the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA) here are some of the top reasons that UHNW individuals are investing in St Lucian passports.

1. Stable Business Centric Environment
The island of St Lucia has been ranked as the number one English-speaking Caribbean island in the World Bank’s Doing Business Reports and outranked all of the other Caribbean countries for ease of paying taxes, gaining permits for construction, procedures for starting a business and property registration.

2. Financial Stability
St Lucia is well known amongst UHNW business professionals for its well-developed business environment providing streamlined, efficient and transparent business frameworks. As a leading member of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, St Lucia has a very stable monetary and financial system.

3. Ease of Access to Global Business hubs such as North America and Europe
For those interested in investing in luxury real estate on the island of St Lucia they can benefit from the strategic location that the island provides. With easy access to regular flight routes and access to regional and international markets including the Caricom Single Marketing & Economy (CSME), EU-Caribbean Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and World Trade Organization (WTO) business professionals will find great business freedom in St Lucia.

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