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What is the E2 investor visa and what its relationship for Grenada Citizenship?

July 25, 2021

Businessmen and investors are always looking for having a safe investment with the highest returns or start a new business. Some of these investors therefore turn to E2 investor visa.

What is an E2 investor visa?

This category of visas is largely untapped by many investors and businesses due to their lack of fame and perhaps not many of it have heard of them before.

E2 investor visa is a visa that allows holders to go to the  USA when investing a specific amount of capital for any U.S. company of American origin.

What are the benefits of obtaining an E2 investor visa?

There is a lot of benefits you can get once you get this visa:

  • E2 investor visa holders are allowed to reside in the United States of America for a period of between two and five years per visit to the UNITED States of
  • The possibility of bringing company employees from another country or moving spouse/residence in the United States of America under this visa.

What are the conditions for obtaining an E2 investor visa?

One of the most prominent conditions for obtaining an E2 investor visa besides  investing  in an American company is to be a passport holder from a country that has  an E2 treaty with the United States of America.

What does E2 investor visa have to do with a nationality and a Grenada passport?

Grenada is one of the countries that has an E2 treaty with the United States of America and if you are a visa applicant for E2, a Grenada citizen and a Grenada passport holder, you can easily obtain an E2 investor visa.

Grenada’s nationality and passport program is also one of the most advantaged program, including:

  • Allow dual nationality.
  • Visa-free access for more than 140 countries around the world (including Schengen countries, China, and others)
  • The earned income of non-residents of the country is not taxed.

And other benefits that you can learn more about through the following link:(Grenada Citizenship and passport program)

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