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A seamless end-to-end experience, from the consulting phase to achieving the citizenship. Our operational model allows us to execute all the required processes in a timely manner, taking you through an effortless process leading to your sought after custom citizenship solution.

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After visiting a number of consultants for Second Citizenship by Investment, my wife and I decided to give Karibi a try. They understood our situation coming from a war-torn nation and helped us to obtain a second passport in less than 18 weeks.

A Karibi Client

* Due to the confidential nature of the program, names have been withheld.


Our internationally accredited team has spent decades creating and maintaining long-lasting relationship with the government bodies.We take all the necessary steps to ensure that your application is handled with discretion and in a timely manner.

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Karibi kept me informed throughout the 5-month period it took to obtain seconnd citizenship of Dominica. They were clear about the potential difficulties that I might face, and did, as a result of own circumstances, and guided me through these. I’m not sure it would have been as stress- free with another company.

A Karibi Client

* Due to the confidential nature of the program, names have been withheld.


We have a reputation that is second to none with regards to second citizenship by investment specialization. Our global network of partners utilize a tremendous amount of industry insight to overcome any obstacles that may occur.

Case Studies

March 13, 2017

Dominica Citizenship

Following the Arab Spring in 2011, Mehdi, a Tunisian, his wife Mariam, and their two children Rayen and Ghada, decided to apply for a second passport. Having spent his life as a hotelier, Mehdi had built up a successful business from the country’s booming tourist industry. By the end of 2011 things were becoming increasingly difficult financially and tourism rates in the country had fallen. For Mehdi and his family, a second passport allowed them the freedom to travel outside of their country and seek safety and security elsewhere.

March 10, 2017

Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

Having graduated from an overseas university with a top-class degree, Li Xui Ying wanted to further her business in other countries. Her work involved travel to a number of countries of which her Chinese nationality made it difficult to obtain a visa on arrival. Li Xui Ying’s alternative citizenship opened doors for her career and allowed her to travel with ease to a considerably greater number of countries with ease.

March 1, 2017

Saint Lucia Citizenship

As a Professor of Arabic Studies in a Middle Eastern university, Bassel had been living outside of his home country, Syria, for over fifteen years. He had always traveled for his work, often as a Visiting Professor, but also to visit family. He was a regular visitor to Germany and the Netherlands, and to see his daughter, Shayma, who was attending university in the UK.

On expiry of his passport, however, obtaining a renewal from Syria, previously a simple enough process, meant that he could no longer travel with ease. Upon finally obtaining a new passport, he encountered even greater restrictions on his travel than before. Bassel decided to invest in the Citizenship by Investment for Saint Lucia, allowing him the freedom to travel once again.

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