The Caribbean is a gorgeous and dynamic region providing alluring investment opportunities for ultra high net worth individuals (UHNW). This region has a long history of luxury living, and moving into the future the caribbean is presenting all new opportunities for investment growth. Luxury properties in investment resort markets have been particularly enticing in the Caribbean as sales in the market continue to steadily rise.

So why are UHNW individuals rushing to invest in Caribbean real estate?

The Global Demand for Luxury Real Estate is on the Rise

Over the last decade the UHNW Luxury Residential Real Estate Index has steadily outdone the demand for broader real estate market indicators. Above all, their demand is targeted towards estates in the Caribbean as they provide high value properties, and trustworthy potential for investment growth.

Major Global Business Hub

The Caribbean is becoming a major global business hub with favourable tax structures, business networks and other market forces. The majority of global ultra high net worth individuals’ primary businesses being privately held (61%) and therefore more and more are heading to the Caribbean islands to register their assets in countries that have suitable regulations.

Amazing Family Environment

In addition to all of the financial benefits of investing in Caribbean property, UHNW individuals are finding that the social benefits are overwhelming. Known for it’s slower pace of life, welcoming people, amazing weather, natural beauty and established expat community, the Caribbean provides an amazing opportunity for secondary family holiday homes and even permanent residency. Investing in property in the Caribbean provides close proximity to both business interests and also to network hubs with easy access to regular flights.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of investing in property in the Caribbean?

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