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Overview of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis, a jewel in the Caribbean, stands as one of the happiest places to live globally. This unique destination combines a rich history with enchanting natural beauty, providing a distinct lifestyle in an atmosphere of tranquility and natural splendor.

Saint Kitts and Nevis pioneered the citizenship and passport program through investment, being the first government to introduce such a program in 1984 to support economic growth. The government directed the program’s implementation as part of its economic development strategy. The Citizenship by Investment law in Saint Kitts and Nevis is among the legislations that establish procedures and requirements enabling foreign investors to obtain citizenship quickly. Under this program, investors can acquire citizenship and a Saint Kitts and Nevis passport within a specified timeframe, allowing them to enjoy various benefits, including visa-free travel to numerous countries. The process is transparent and efficient, allowing applicants to enjoy the advantages of Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship without renouncing their current nationality.

Advantages of Saint Kitts and Nevis Passport

How to Qualify for Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Options

Option 1: Sustainable Development Fund

To acquire citizenship and a passport from St. Kitts & Nevis through the donation route, this fund was established to contribute to the welfare of the country’s citizens. It involves a non-refundable contribution, the amount of which depends on the number of dependents included in the application:

Single applicant
$250,000 USD
Main applicant and spouse
$300,000 USD
Family of four
$350,000 USD
Additional dependents (under 18)
$50,000 USD per applicant
Additional dependents (above 18)
$75,000 USD per applicant

Option 2: Real Estate Investment

Individuals seeking citizenship may be eligible through an investment in a pre-approved real estate project, encompassing options such as hotel shares, villas, and condominium units.

Single applicant
$25,000 USD
$15,000 USD
Additional dependents (under 18)
$10,000 USD per applicant
Additional dependents (above 18)
$15,000 USD per applicant

Option 3: Alternative Investment Option (AIO)

The option of investing in public utility projects provides applicants with the opportunity to invest in projects that develop industries, construct, or finance real estate projects on state lands. These projects aim to benefit the citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis by increasing employment opportunities for the local population and implementing programs that involve technology transfer and enhance local capacities. This option requires a minimum investment of $250,000 USD.

Additional government fees are imposed based on the number of dependents listed in the application:

Single applicant
$25,000 USD
$15,000 USD
Additional dependents (under 18)
$10,000 USD per applicant
Additional dependents (above 18)
$15,000 USD per applicant

Citizenship Process

We provide an efficient service to process your application, giving it the attention it deserves to enhance its chances of success. This ensures you the utmost security for citizenship by an investment program, ultimately granting you and your family a second passport

1. Free Consultation

In our Citizenship by Investment program, we guide our clients in understanding the best investment options that suit their needs, whether through donation or real estate investment. We take the time to learn about our clients, their family members, and their specific situations before delving into the costs associated with different options. After this stage, we present a comprehensive quotation for your consideration.

2. Free Validation

We meticulously examine and validate all necessary documents upon acceptance of the quotation. This ensures that our clients do not invest time and money without certainty about the eligibility of their application.

3. Submission of Required Documents

We translate and notarize all necessary documents, meticulously filling in all government forms. This meticulous process ensures full compliance with government requirements and regulations. Subsequently, we compile a comprehensive file for the final submission.

4. Apply for Initial Approval

All pre-screened documents are dispatched to various government agencies for processing during this stage. We maintain close communication with our agencies throughout this period, ensuring a timely and efficient process. We also stay in touch with our clients, addressing any additional government clarifications and providing regular updates on the application status.

5. Approvals and Payments

Upon securing the initial approval, the government will request funds. Once the funds are cleared, we initiate the application for the final citizenship certificate and passport documentation.

6. Congratulations, Your New Citizenship and Passport is Now Ready

After obtaining all necessary approvals and completing the full payment, we will arrange for the secure handover of the passport. Congratulations! Your second citizenship by investment is now complete. Feel free to contact us if you require assistance; we will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program allows foreign investors to obtain full legal citizenship and passports for the investor and his family as this investor has made a huge investment in Saint Kitts and Nevis that meets the requirements under the citizenship by investment laws.

A detailed explanation of the steps for applying for citizenship can be found on the Who We Are page under the heading “Processing”. However, all the requirements you need to know are listed in the section above. Contact one of our citizenship by investment experts for advice on options you can take advantage of.

The total cost consists of the investment, and other fees related to processing the application. These fees will depend on your choice of citizenship, either through the contribution to the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund (SIDF) or the real estate investment option. This will also depend on the number of individuals applying. The individual applicants and their additional family members will naturally increase the investment structure.

Once you are granted Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship, you will have all the rights that citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis enjoy. You have the right to live and work in Saint Kitts and Nevis at any time. And since Saint Kitts and Nevis is a member of the Caribbean Community, you may reside in any of the other member states. In addition to visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival access to more than 120 countries. For more information about benefits, see our benefits page or contact us to explain the options that are right for you and your family.

No. Only a licensed authorised agent (Karibi) can act on your behalf and handle your citizenship application for you.

The Citizenship by Investment Unit will notify Karibi once it accepts your application for processing. In order for the unit to accept the processing of your application, your application must fully comply with the legislation and guidelines published by the Citizenship by Investment Board.

It will take approximately three months for your application to be processed from the date you notify your agent that your request has been accepted for processing. If extenuating circumstances occur that would delay the processing of your request, the unit will notify us directly.

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