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“we are a nation deeply rooted in community values and a mindest of reciprocity. For this reason. We invite individuals and families from around the world to invest in our country, and in exchange we promise to provide you with citizenship of the commonwealth of Dominica – a status that comes with a myriad of opportunities aimed to transcend borders in a continually globalizing world.” – Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit prime minister commonwealth of Dominica.

How one small island is incorporating sustainability into its economic framework?
Did you know that the Caribbean island of Dominica is one of the best places in the world for visiting and getting responsibly up-close to sperm whales?

At least 300 sperm whales are thought to come and feed off the Dominica coast, while around 150 may call it their permanent home. The reason why this small Caribbean island is so attractive to sperm whales is due to the deep water surrounding the island, which create favourable socialising, feeding and mating conditions.

Eager tourists from all corners of the globe congregate to the island to catch a glimpse of this magnificent endangered species, but in a manner that always primarily protects the animals. For Dominica, caring for the planet, and its many inhabitants, is an attitude entrenched deeply into the foundation of the island.

Known as the “Nature Island” and quickly progressing as a world leader in ecotourism, Dominica offers visitors several activities in and out of the water – all in accordance with the island’s commitment in nurturing and protecting its natural surroundings. With extreme weather events inevitable on this side of the hemisphere, the time for action against climate change has arrived. The sentiment runs deeply with the island’s Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, who is known for driving Dominica’s green ethos even further by pushing sustainability high up on his agenda. Following Hurricane Maria, PM Skerrit pledged to make Dominica “the world’s first climate resilient nation”, a feat that garnered the support of international bodies such as the World Bank and the Government of the United Kingdom.

With the help of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI), an initiative that invites investors to contribute to the economy of the nation in exchange for citizenship, the island develops local projects rooted in sustainability. One of these projects, titled the “Housing Revolution”, provides affordable, all of which are built to withstand weather disasters. Investors, under the CBI program, can either contribute to the island’s government-held Economic Diversification Fund or buy into selected real estate options, including upcoming eco-luxury villas.

In return, successful applicants gain access to increased global mobility with visa-free/visa-on-arrival travel to approximately 140 countries and territories, alternative business opportunities and the invaluable option to pass down citizenship to future generations. Since 1993, Dominica has been offering investors a chance to become part of its Global Community, making it one of the longest-serving programs of its kind. Not to mention that the island has been ranked as the world’s best economic citizenship offering – for the second year in a row. Professional Wealth Management specialists from the Financial Time highlighted factors such as ease of processing, strict due diligent procedures and efficient timeline as some of the reasons for its ranking.

The island of Dominica proves that fostering an environment that cares for all its living species is not only vital for the survival of the future but is equally an attitude that should be adopted all over the world. As for now, Dominica remains one of the world’s best kept secret.

Two Investment channels, A myriad of opportunity
There are two paths to achieve economic citizenship in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The first is a contribution direct to the government, with funds being spent on building the future of the country, to realize its potential.
The second option involves the purchase of government-approved real estate, allowing investors the opportunity to become proud owners of prime Caribbean real estate, as well as obtaining citizenship.

Option 1:
The first option is the ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION FUND (EDF), a non refundable contribution to the country, starting from USD 100,000. This option allows an applicant to play a major role in Dominica promising future.
Option 2:
The second option to obtain Dominica citizenship is to invest in PRE-APPROVED REAL ESTATE, starting from a minimum investment of USD 200,000. This option provides an investor with the opportunity to become a proud owner of prime real estate. There are a number of high quality projects available for investment with trusted global brands.

Source: Trulybelong

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